Zongqi Shen

Zongqi Shen

Graduate Student

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


I am a Ph.D. student at MIT studying physics. I got my bachelor degree in Physics at Fudan University. My research focuses on understanding the emergent phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems.


  • Strongly correlated systems
  • Ultrafast optics
  • Superconductivity


  • Graduate Student, 09/2022-present

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc in Physics, 09/2018-06/2022

    Fudan University


Two-dimensional superconductivity in heterostructure of titanium sesquioxide

Reasearch Experience


STM study of moiré graphene and TMDC materials

Visiting Student Researcher supervised by Prof. Michael Crommie

Sep 2021 – Present Crommie Group, UC Berkeley
  • Characterized twisted bilayer graphene and TMDC devices ($TaSe_{2}$, $NbSe_{2}$, $TaTe_{2}$, etc.). Studied the evolution of electronic structures with back gate.
  • Imaged the Mott insulating behavior of monolayer 1T-$TaSe_{2}$ with ‘flower pattern’ orbital texture.

Unconventional superconductivity in oxides

Supervised by Prof. Wei Li

May 2019 – Aug 2021 Artificial Interface Lab, Fudan University
  • Grew and optimized single crystal oxide thin films $Ti_{2}O_{3}/GaN$ with pulsed-laser deposition.
  • Studied the nontrivial topology of rare-earth oxide superconductor LaO with first-principle calculation.
  • Analyzed the energy splitting of La orbitals in oxygen octahedron crystal fields with group theory.

CVD growth of 2D materials and device fabrication

Supervised by Prof. Faxian Xiu

Nov 2018 – May 2019 Nanodevice Lab, Fudan University
  • Synthesized high quality $Bi_{2}SeO_{2}$ sample using chemical vapor deposition method (CVD)
  • Peeled off single-layered graphene for heterostructure fabrication.


Moiré Graphene

Moiré Graphene

STM study of twisted bilayer/double bilayer graphene

Interfacial superconductivity

Interfacial superconductivity

PLD growth and characterization of oxide interfaces